To the moon!

On a warm July night, 50 years ago this week, people huddled around their black-and-white televisions, moving the rabbit ear antennae in different directions to watch the first human step down onto the moon.

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Karen Eber
Run Towards the Roar

A few months ago, a friend shared with me an African Proverb of how Lions strategically take down prey on the African plains. Male lions perch themselves on one side of a watering hole where gazelles drink. 

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Change, CourageKaren Eber
Breathing Space

This past week I was working with a team at an inflection and reflection point. Like so many, this team is under incredible pressure to deliver business results – and at the same time completely transform the organization.

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Reflection, IntentionKaren Eber
Did he hang up on me?

Early in my career, I was asked to lead an international team of seven men, most of whom were twice my age. This team of technical consultants were going to train 1000s of global consultants on a game-changing technology that was a strategic play for the company.

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