Karen Eber builds leaders and shapes culture one story at a time. Over the last decade, Karen has been sought after for her keynotes and leadership workshops across the globe. Karen's talks focus on developing leaders and shaping culture through storytelling. Karen is known for using stories to point out moments that matter to help leaders be aware of how to respond versus react. Karen’s keynotes help create different thinking about developing employees, leaders and cultures. She not only deepens understanding, she gives practical tips to leverage right away. 

Karen's talks draws on her 20 years of experience as a Global Culture Leader, Chief Learning Officer, Head of Leadership Development and Coach to C-suite and their teams in GE, Deloitte and HP, along with Fortune 500 consulting. She builds new ideas and thinking with pragmatic approaches that influence and inspire action in leaders, individuals and organizations. She has delivered large-scale interactive keynotes, workshops and training for large audiences and small teams across all levels.

 Karen is the CEO and Principal of Eber Leadership Group. Karen’s roots are in psychology, communications, performance improvement, adult learning and instructional design. She is a four-time American Training and Development (ATD) award winner, a TED Masterclass speaker, and eminent thought leader in various publications, including her popular article “Make Waffles, not Spaghetti.”  Karen holds a Master’s in Instructional Design and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and resides in Atlanta, GA. 



Each topic is targeted towards leaders, teams and employees and works well as a keynote and/or workshop. Custom Leadership Development and Culture keynotes are available upon request.

Storytelling is a critical skill for leaders. It is often underused because leaders aren’t sure where to find stories, how to tell them or think they will influence outcomes through data. In fact, it is the story about the data that is memorable and drives outcomes. Storytelling helps develop leaders, shape organizational culture and influence employees to action. This talk breaks down the neuroscience behind why we should leverage storytelling, where to find stories and how to tell stories.

BETTER THAN YESTERDAY… DEVELOP INSPIRATIONAL LEADERS  Leaders develop and grow when they make time to reflect and set intentions. Inspirational leaders are developed through consistency of reflection and attention to moments that matter. With 20+ years of working with the C-suite, this talk shares how you can develop leaders that inspire and engage their teams. Learn how to focus on becoming 1% better each day to create the inspiration leaders want to demonstrate.

HOW IS THAT STORY WORKING OUT FOR YOU? HOW TO IDENTIFY & CONFRONT LIMITING BELIEFS Ever convince yourself that you can’t do something, or had an experience that left you certain of an outcome, only to later find out the story you told yourself was wrong? Great leaders intentionally challenge their limiting beliefs and those of their employees and teams. Limiting beliefs hold people back from realizing their full potential. This humorous talk uses a vulnerable moment to illustrate the role limiting beliefs play and provides tips on how to challenge and minimize them from holding us back as leaders and teams.

WHAT STORY DOES YOUR CULTURE TELL? Companies list culture as one of their top priorities; however, many don't know how to effectively shape it. Many cultures still operate under principles from the first industrial revolution. While well intended, as we embark on the fourth industrial revolution, these cultures starve organizations of necessary oxygen for engagement and growth. With the right mindset, each person can effectively shape culture. This talk breaks down the neuroscience behind culture, origins of culture, and how each person can intentionally shape culture at all levels to drive results.

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What participants will experience

  • A customized keynote or workshop that is tailored to meet the needs of your conference, corporation or university

  • Content, delivery style and relevance for an international audience

  • Lessons learned from working with 100+ C-suite and companies in the Fortune 500

  • Researched-based talk helping participants understand the why and the how

  • Storytelling and humor to for an engaging talk

  • Tips and tools that can be implemented immediately

  • Practical takeaways, helping participants know what actions to take

What organizers will experience

  • A low maintenance speaker and hassle-free experience

  • A responsive team providing you with the information and content when needed

    Peace of mind that participants will come away with new ideas and actionable takeaways


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