Culture is the operating system to your organization. Each behavior and action makes up the code, determining how effectively it runs. We help organizations and teams understand how to define and shape their culture: from C-suite to individual teams.


Culture isn’t about free ice cream - building culture awareness

Culture is about more than employee surveys and free ice cream. We help build awareness in your organization to think differently about culture and see things you can’t unsee. The outcome: a deeper understanding of culture, research, and ideas for shaping across levels.


Refine, align, define - culture, talent development, and business strategies for accelerated performance

A healthy culture aligns your business, talent development and culture strategies for cohesive employee and customer experiences. We assess current culture, refine vision, align strategies and stakeholders, and provide implementation tools and coaching. The outcome: culture plan, tools, and approaches to track progress and refine on an ongoing basis.


C-suite coaching & alignment

Employees watch the C-suite to see how they discuss and role model the desired culture. Customized workshops and one-on-one sessions help C-suite work through the ongoing challenges of shaping culture. The outcome: dedicated time for reflection, stakeholder alignment, and navigating culture obstacles.


First 120 days: New leader and team assimilation

The transition period of a new leader or newly formed team is an important moment to pause and define the path ahead. Accelerate the effectiveness of your organization, teams and culture strategies through assessments, interviews, workshops and ongoing coaching. The outcome: accelerated team effectiveness and performance.


Building high performing teams

Healthy teams intentionally cultivate trust, accountability, and empowerment. We help identify current and desired patterns of behavior, help you work through constructive conflict and implement a team operating system that shapes the desired behaviors over the long-term. The outcome: accelerated team effectiveness and performance.


Transforming Performance Management

Want to transform your performance management, but don’t know where to start? We’ve guided multiple companies (and ourselves!) in transforming to a continuous performance management approach. We assess your current approach and guide you through design thinking and stakeholder alignment to create a new approach and philosophy that drives your business strategy. The outcome: stakeholder alignment and a strategic new design, implementation plan and tools.


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