Leadership Development


The leader role is THE most important role in your organization, shaping employee performance daily. Growth happens when a leader reflects and set intentions. This can happen in five minutes a day with bite-sized content or coaching or as part of immersive experiences. We develop custom solutions to meet your needs, for individuals, groups or teams.


Executive Coaching and Leadership Assessments

Help leaders define their growth, move through challenges, and increase their effectiveness. We are certified in variety of assessments and tools and will work with you to select the best one(s) to meet your needs, debrief results and provide ongoing coaching.

Make Waffles, not Spaghetti: Leading through change

One of the most challenging things leaders do is to help employees navigate through change while remaining focused and productive. In this session, participants work on challenges they are facing in real-time, creating plans and learn tools to implement after the session.


Storytelling isn’t just for bedtime and campfires

Leverage storytelling as a powerful development, influence and coaching tool. We help leaders build their own toolbox of stories, learning why to use stories, where to find them, and how to tell them.


The Healthy Team: Successfully build trust and leverage constructive conflict

These sessions are a significant investment of time, resources and energy. They require a different type of conversation, hands-on activities and healthy debate to achieve desired outcomes. They often include team assessments, working through the team operating system and activities to work through conflict.

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Develop Your Strengths

People that believe they have the opportunity to play to their strengths at work are more engaged. Strengths-based development helps employees discover where they are at their best and how to grow those strengths. We help participants define their strengths and put an action plan in place to develop them. This is also excellent to help teams ensure they have built a well-rounded team of unique individuals.


New Leader & Experienced Leader Development

Create the mental shift to getting work done through others. Help leaders understand expectations, refine their personal leadership style, solve complicated problems, navigate conflict, adapt to change, and inspire and engage teams.


Nudges & Tips: Just-in-time learning

Keep information front-of-mind for leaders so they can leverage when needed. We develop content for your specific needs, including conversation prompts and tips, in quick-to-consume, easy-to-access content.


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