We bring 20+ years of Talent Development expertise.

We have driven talent management strategies within and consulted for organizations.

We create unique and tailored solutions for each client for both long-term strategies and quick wins.

We cultivate strategic partnerships to address your talent development ecosystem needs.

Karen Eber is the owner and founder, bringing experience as a Global Culture and Executive Development leader, Chief Learning Officer, Talent Development Strategist, C-suite Coach and Thought leader.


Karen Eber:  CEO and Principal

Karen Eber is a global talent, leadership development, and culture strategist focused on developing individuals, teams and organizations. Karen uses storytelling to point out examples in everyday life that inspire all people to reach their leadership potential and be #betterthanyesterday. She is an advisor and thought partner on Talent Development and Culture strategies. She is an inventive and constructive facilitator who regularly designs and facilitates custom coaching workshops to navigate CEOs and Senior Leadership teams to define vision and strategy, break through culture inhibitors and shape high performance. 

Karen has worked as an Executive across Fortune 500 companies including GE, Deloitte and HP. She has also consulted to organizations in various industries on their organizational development, talent management and learning and development challenges. Karen has led Culture and Executive Development for 90,000 employees in 150 countries, served as a Chief Learning Officer for a business of 45,000 in 150 Countries, provided Executive Leadership Development and Coaching to the C-suite and their teams, and led Leadership and Organizational Development for leaders at all levels.

Karen is known for taking the messy talent challenges and creating innovative, practical and impactful global solutions at all levels. She designed and implemented people leader development strategies for global organizations. She coached and facilitated the C-suite in cultural transformation and high-performing teams. She led the redesign and testing of ratings-free Performance Management and shaped the ongoing performance management enhancements across multiple companies.  She has designed and facilitated executive key stakeholder summits to gain alignment for strategic talent development projects. She transformed talent ecosystems from a gap-development approach to a strengths-based approach. She created demand-driven Leadership development curricula with waitlists across all levels of staff and leadership and developed a first-of-its-kind simulation-based leadership development program for senior managers.  She pioneered creative approaches for Leadership Development bite-sized learning and coached organizations on how to identify patterns of behavior and make data-driven decisions.

Karen’s roots are in psychology, communications, performance improvement, adult learning and instructional design. She is a four-time American Training and Development (ATD) award winner, a sought after keynote speaker, a TED Masterclass speaker, and eminent thought leader in various publications, including her popular article “Make Waffles, not Spaghetti.”  Karen holds a Master’s in Instructional Design and a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

Eber Leadership Group clients and speaking engagements include: