Run Towards the Roar


A few months ago, a friend shared with me an African Proverb of how Lions strategically take down prey on the African plains. Male lions perch themselves on one side of a watering hole where gazelles drink. The lion will flare his mane, stand as tall as he can and let out a ferocious roar so loud your toe nails would rattle.

This scares gazelles into running for their lives faster than the Road Runner did in cartoons. What gazelles don’t realize is that they have fallen prey to the very trap set by the Lion. Male lions are slow, lazy and don’t want to chase things down. It is the Lioness that chases and attacks the prey. Gazelles are blinded by fear of the lion’s roar and run away, only to bounce right into the path of the Lioness waiting for them on the opposite side of the watering hole.

You must run towards the roar,” my friend told me. You must do the opposite of what seems normal and confront what provokes fear. Face the situation and fight for survival. Running away can make things worse. Choose to respond over react. Choose to constructively confront over avoid. Choose to be a fighter over being a victim.

Transformations are hard. It can be hard to see where you are achieving progress. Challenges can feel so overwhelming we start to doubt ourselves, the situation or why you are there. And you do have a choice. You can choose to run towards the roar and fight to make things better. 

  1. Define what is causing you fear. Sometimes the roar is so loud it creates confusion and a lack of clarity. Get specific on listing out fears and strategize how to address each one. This will allow you to make waffles, not spaghetti.

  2. Don’t overanalyze. Fight the temptation to think “I can decide when I get more information.” Too often we get stuck in analysis paralysis and the lack of action creates a worse situation. Decide how to act based on what you know, then keep assessing the situation to see when/if pivots are needed.

  3. Talk with others. The decision to action happens in a moment. Getting ready to decide to act is the time-consuming part. Anyone can ask you a powerful coaching question that helps you unlock new thinking and course of action.

Where do you need to run towards the roar at work? Set the intention for where you will not only run towards the roar, but choose to do something that will make you ridiculously proud?



Change, CourageKaren Eber