Figure Your Stuff Out (FYSO): Interventions / Labs/ Offsites / Workshops


Call them what you want: Labs, Workshops, Offsites, Interventions…each of these are a moment to step out of your daily routine and Figure Your Stuff Out (FYSO).  We design experiences to create different thinking, hands-on activities, constructive conflict and ensure you get to your desired outcomes. Fully participate in discussions and not worry about what comes next – that is our role as facilitators. We excel at rallying the team at all levels in your organization.


We custom design solutions to meet your specific needs.  Below are a few examples of FYSO we have delivered for clients:


New Beginnings: Help a new leader and/or team get the right start by laying the foundation for effective teamwork and understanding of one another.

Annual planning session/offsite: kickoff each fiscal year with a growth and planning session to make tweaks to your team operating system and build momentum for the year ahead.

Strategy and visioning sessions for teams: step back from your daily environment to work through new strategies, vision and direction, and how to get there.

Team Check-up: teams have to regularly exercise and practice their team effectiveness and trust. Plan a session for your team to check in on and refine it’s operating system.

Imagine if…: leverage design thinking and agile principles to define experiments to test new directions and strategies. These sessions help create testing and implementation plans for transformations and provide clarity on the path ahead.

Reflection: growth comes when we stop to reflect on what it and isn’t working. This is the most overlooked teaming activity and has some of the greatest impact on individual and team performance.

Summits: Significant changes in strategy and direction, often require hosting a larger session to align stakeholders, gain buy-in and build momentum. These sessions help you mobilize a larger number of people quickly.



How we do it

  1. Work with you to define your desired outcomes

  2. Gather input on current state and potential challenges through interviews, focus groups and surveys

  3. Prepare draft agenda and approach and review

  4. Conduct prep sessions and coaching for key stakeholders

  5. Facilitate the session (calibrating with you throughout)

  6. Follow-up discussion post-session, debriefing experience and providing recommendations

  7. Provide ongoing coaching on the implementation of action items


Don’t see something you need?
We design custom solutions across a variety of areas.