Examples of Services Delivered


Culture Examples

C-Suite Coaching: Flex your style

Tensions were uncovered within a C-suite team during an offsite. The CEO retained us to provide ongoing coaching after the session to help them continue to work through their challenges. We dug into what was breaking down and holding the team back, helped them constructively confront challenges and coached them on flexing their style.

END RESULT: The team developed new ways of working and began seeing an increase in revenues the following quarter.


Culture keynote and coaching: Culture is the worst behavior you allow

A CEO was implementing a new business strategy and wanted to drive culture change for new ways of working. He wanted external perspective to help his company gain insight on culture research, tools, and best practices. We provided a keynote to change thinking, introduced tools for people leaders to shape their desired culture and behaviors and helped the CEO define a new communication pattern, highlighting stories of the desired culture.

END RESULT: Teams began to intentionally shape culture, change conversations and implement new tools resulting in continued double-digit growth.


New Leader Assimilation: Just, thank you

A leader was named over a combined organization and brought his leadership team together for an offsite. Friction grew as everyone dug their heels in to continue their old ways of working. We helped the team identify what should continue and worked through the necessary changes, building trust. The conversation was difficult, but the team hung in there, defining what they needed from each other.

END RESULT: They defined a new way of working and appreciation for one another. We got an email the next day from a participant that said: “Just: thank you. That dialogue needed to happen for a long time.

Creating a Team Operating System: Time to reflect

A leader wanted to help her team reflect on their effectiveness. We designed and facilitated an offsite to reflect on success, and identify strengths and challenges.

The process helped them recognize how to leverage their strengths and work through several road blocks. The team defined a new operating system to work together and a goal to revisit regularly.

END RESULT: The team was more responsive and resilient to organizational changes. A week after the session, the leader sent an email: “That was exactly what we needed. I now feel like we have a great operating system– and I’m not sure we would have gotten there without this.”


Defining and Aligning Culture Strategy: Help us see what we can’t unsee

An organization needed different behaviors to support their changing market strategy. We assessed culture, identified strengths and barriers and presented findings to the leadership team, helping them see things they couldn’t unsee.

We held workshops to refine values, worked with the C-suite to define desired expectations and behaviors for themselves and their teams, and defined what to measure. We created tools and resources for people leaders to leverage with their teams and implemented rituals for employee feedback

END RESULT: A company that never spoke about culture previously began discussing it daily. The leadership team role modeled the desired behaviors. Employees and customers took notice; their feedback over the next year positively noted the changes.

Transforming Performance Management: It’s about the ongoing conversations

We worked with a company who had removed performance ratings, but hadn’t fully thought through their performance management strategy and the desired supporting behaviors. They hadn’t put enough effort into changing behaviors and were struggling.

We conducted workshops to to define how Performance Management aligned to their overall Talent Development strategy, exposed them to research and best practices and defined necessary behaviors for their approach. This allowed us to create an implementation plan with tools, resources and communications.

END RESULT: The company implemented the desired behaviors and ultimately drove a design that aligned with their strategy and culture. The phrase “no ratings doesn’t mean no data” become their motto and they began to collect and interact with multiple data points, without summing into a single rating


Leadership Development Examples


Just-in-time learning: Whisper Tips

A global organization wanted to help people leaders improve their leadership skills with just-in-time tools. We defined topics relevant to the leaders and wrote a series of tips to be emailed biweekly.

Each tip was focused on one topic, could be read in under five minutes, and provided suggestions to try that day or week.

END RESULT: At the end of the quarter, 93% of leaders asked for the series of tips to continue.


Experienced Leader Learning: The perfect place to fail

A company was looking to create a simulated experience for senior leaders. We designed a three-day simulation that had leaders run the business. They navigated surprises, met with clients in role plays and engaged in constructive conflict with their team members. It was a safe place for them to experiment, fail and learn through debriefs, reflection and peer coaching.

END RESULT: The organization saw the benefit of the rich dialogue and learning through experiences – and the simulation served as the template for future leadership development at the company.


Leading through change: Make Waffles, not Spaghetti

An organization was facing significant change and the leadership team wanted to plan how to guide employees through while not decreasing their engagement. We conducted a workshop with each leader building a plan real-time, using storytelling, neuroscience, best practices.

END RESULT: A story is used in the session about Waffles and Spaghetti to illustrate how to help employees navigate change. “Make Waffles, not Spaghetti” became a team saying, to help maintain focus on employees. Leaders implemented their plans and continued peer coaching each other throughout the process.


Storytelling: Tell me a story and I will trust you…

We custom designed a storytelling session for a leadership team. They wanted to learn how to tell stories to communicate with impact and make the case for change.

The session focused on helping them build their own toolkit of stories, how to tell stories, and when to tell them. We worked on using storytelling to make technical information and data easier to understand and be more memorable.

END RESULT: Not only did the leadership team begin using stories more regularly to engage their employees, they increased their trust with one another through being vulnerable and sharing stories.

Just-in-time learning: How do I talk to my team?

An organization wanted to help people leaders have ongoing conversations for their new approach to performance management. Leaders were avoiding conversations that made them uncomfortable, even asking “How do I talk to my team?” Leaders wanted to understand what great people leaders looked like, how to give difficult feedback and navigate career conversations.

We created conversations prompts for different scenarios to provide tools to start conversations. We helped leaders practice leveraging the prompts in a variety of scenarios.

END RESULT: Leaders brought the job-aids into conversations with employees, marked up with their preferred phrases. Employee feedback noted the positive change in conversations and shift in their development.


First time leader: From doing to leading

A company wanted to build a learning experience for first-time leaders, helping them make the shift to getting work done through others. We helped each person learn about themselves with leadership assessment and define their personal leadership strategy.

Participants worked through different scenarios highlighting the expectations of the role. Through a combination of role play, coaching and reflection, we helped each person identify what they needed to do differently. We leveraged peer coaching after the program to help participants continue their development and accountability.

END RESULT: Leaders understood their responsibilities and began demonstrating changes in their leadership. We brought back participants in future deliveries to share their lessons learned an increase the leadership community.


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